Blockchain Technology Series

Blockchain Technology Series

Cryptocurrency, distributed data, and digital identity
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Cryptocurrencies, smart checks and digital identity

Now is the time to learn the promise of blockchain, its secure, distributed data technology, and the power of its disruptive force in every major industry.

To help you understand the technology and the business proposition of blockchain, we’ve partnered with The Blockchain Academy to provide seven intensive courses.

Two of the courses are nontechnical and designed with the entrepreneur in mind. The other five courses provide a technical foundation that deepens with each course.

Whether you are an experienced developer wanting to break into this promising field or a seasoned entrepreneur planning to integrate blockchain into your organizational infrastructure, join us in our new bootcamp-style workshops.

Blockchain Series program objectives

While they vary widely by course, each workshop intensive is focused on providing practical hands-on experience that you can put to use immediately.

Courses in the Blockchain Series provide continuing education but do not currently constitute a certificate program.

Credit: Varies per course

Time Commitment: 2-10 days

Estimated Cost: Varies

F1 Students: [Costs for F-1 students]


Credit: Varies per course


Units: CEU ITEC.814
Winter Classroom
Units: CEU ITEC.815
Winter Classroom


Units: CEU ITEC.816
Winter Classroom
Winter Classroom
Units: CEU ITEC.822
Winter Classroom

Requisite Knowledge

While nontechnical courses require only a basic understanding of math and computer skills, the technical track requires one to two years' programming experience, depending on the course.

Please review the course descriptions to ensure that you have taken necessary prerequisites or meet the requirements through job experience or previous education.

Professional Development

Continuing education units available.

Note: Courses are currently under review and may eventually provide University of California credit.


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