Web Framework Using JavaScript: The MEAN Stack

JavaScript is the standard for client-side scripting today. Its features and performance have been improved significantly over the years to enable the use on the server-side. The MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js) is an emerging Web framework that uses JavaScript and is designed to build Web applications from front to back. It uses a single language to offer development productivity and efficiency. The inclusion of these components represents a breakthrough in event-driven and asynchronous architecture, producing the optimal user experience. This course is an introduction to the popular open-sourced Web framework.

The MEAN stack consists of client, server and database skills. The course explains the four components and the role each has in building a modern, sophisticated Web application, and then covers the configuration, implementation and programming details. You will learn to build the Node.js server, include Express in the app, interface with the document-oriented database MongoDB, and use Angular directives and services on the client side. The course will also discuss the interactions with JSON, Model-View-Controller, Web services and HTML in this framework. Class assignments and projects will give you hands-on experience.

Prior to enrolling, students should be familiar with JavaScript and understand database, Web services and client-server needs. The course covers only the essential parts of the MEAN stack. Students are encouraged to bring laptops to class. The instructor will provide software installation guides.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the MEAN stack

  • Building the Node.js server

  • Interacting with MongoDB using Mongoose

  • Configuring and using Express in a Web app

  • Implementing Express in Node.js

  • Understanding AngularJS directives

  • Implementing AngularJS services

  • Connecting MongoDB and Node.js

  • Accessing and manipulating databases


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IPDV.X405 JavaScript and AJAX, Comprehensive

Sections :

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IPDV.X409.(4) 6/28/2018 06:30 PM SANTA CLARA 980 Vivek Sharma View Enroll