Visual Communication

The most successful writers also employ the principles of design to communicate information visually in the documents they create. This course will help you understand how visual elements can enhance your ability to communicate effectively, whether you are writing a multi-page report, procedure document, brochure, or Web page. You will learn when it is appropriate to transform text into visual elements and how to create visually pleasing and professional looking documents that fulfill the document's purpose. You will also learn about publishing processes that are critical to working efficiently with in-house designers and outside printers to create professional documents.

During this online course, you will read course materials, watch short instructional videos, participate in online discussions with other students, and complete short quizzes. You'll gain the knowledge needed to complete four major assignments, including an analysis of how documents communicate visually and three additional projects. You will build a vocabulary of design terms to strengthen your understanding of what works and what doesn't work in visual communication and learn to apply these principles in real-world projects.

Topics include:

  • Visual analysis

  • Applying design principles

  • Designing with type and working with styles

  • Using grids and tables to organize information

  • Communicating with charts and pictures

  • Considering a project's overall design

[Former #23090]

Prerequisites :

No prerequisites