Toxicology Basics for Biotechnology

High-throughput efforts by biopharmaceutical companies focusing on the discovery and validation of new targets and identifying agents that affect them will uncover a multitude of new chemical and biological agents that have the potential for clinical benefits. However, before such agents can be tested and used widely in patients, safety and acceptable toxicity to critical organs must be demonstrated. This course surveys the adverse effects resulting from the interaction of chemical agents with living systems.

Topics include:

  • Criteria and mechanisms of toxicity
  • Dose-response relationships
  • Factors influencing toxic action
  • Acute and chronic effects
  • Kinetics
  • Metabolism
  • Toxicity testing

Toxic effects of various classes of chemical agents are discussed and illustrated with case studies where applicable. Applications of toxicology to both pharmacology and drug development are discussed. Throughout the course, emphasis is on integrating theoretical and practical aspects of toxicology.

Professional Credit: CA BRN/LVN Credit--Provider #CEP13114.


Prerequisites :

No prerequisites

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