Supply Chain Decisions and Data Analytics

Data analytics is a growing market that takes advantage of the seemingly endless data that is available to us. This course will cover hypothesis testing, linear regression and factor analysis, along with the computer programs needed to analyze the data. Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of data analytics, so that they can apply it to make sound decisions in the business world.

It is highly recommended that students take "Evolving Role of Supply Chain Manager" as the first course prior to taking this course.

Learning Objectives

  • Acquire an understanding of data analytics
  • Apply data outcomes to real life business situations
  • Evaluate different data and information types methods and models
  • Understand leading trends in the use of customer data
  • Identify key areas in the supply chain where data analysis is the most relevant

Topics Covered
  • Data analytics and business decisions
  • Decision analysis methods
  • Developing key performance indicators
  • Data collection and data integrity
  • Data analysis and linear regression
  • Data improvement plans
  • Prerequisites :

    No prerequisites

    Sections :

    Section Start Date Time Location Cost Instructor Name Full Schedule Enroll
    SCMT.X407.(2) 5/2/2019 06:00 PM SANTA CLARA $750 Stephen O Hyatt Enroll