This one-day lab workshop introduces students to Python, the industry standard machine learning ecosystem that uses algorithms to learn from data and make predictions. Students gain hands-on experience with installing Python libraries like Scikit, Pandas, and Matplotlib and get a quick review of Python, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

Working with a sample dataset, students learn to data cleanse—load a dataset, extract standard statistics, create a dataset visualization, perform dataset pre-processing—and then apply machine learning and prediction. By the end of class, students have a working Python machine learning environment and a sample step-by-step machine learning project. Participants go on to pursue advanced machine learning and data science courses.

The vast range of applications of machine learning, which includes everything from self-driving cars to stock price prediction, makes it an extremely marketable job skill.

Topics Include:

  • Python Packages to download

  • Python review

  • NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib review

  • Loading CSV datasets

  • Descriptive statistics on a dataset

  • Visualizing a dataset

  • Pre-process a dataset

  • Feature selection

  • Machine Learning and prediction with datasets

  • Interesting datasets

Skills Needed: Moderate understanding of computer programming language and elementary understanding of probability and statistics.