Oracle 12c on Linux: Advanced Administration for Cloud and Data Center Environments

Oracle Database 12c is designed for a cloud environment and facilitates database consolidation, a major step in enabling cloud computing and enterprise efficiency. This course extends the architectural concepts and DBA practices beyond the “Oracle Database 12c Administration I” course. It covers advanced administration of the new multitenant framework, which consists of container and pluggable databases.

The course focuses on installation and configuration of an Oracle Database 12C instance on the cloud, as well as Recovery Manager (RMAN), emphasizing the advanced backup/recovery options to ensure 24/7 database operations. You will learn the Oracle flashback technology in recovery. The course covers advanced resource management and methodologies for augmenting database performance. The instructor will share additional optimization techniques used in high-performance, high-availability and real-world environments.

The course provides access to material from Oracle and cloud accounts provided by hosting services to install and configure Oracle Database 12c instances. All the course work is taught on the Linux platform with hands-on exercises. The course prepares you for the Oracle Certified Professional exam.

Topics Include:

  • Review of architecture terms and concepts
  • Oracle12c installation
  • RMAN: Essentials review
  • RMAN recovery catalog database configuration
  • Complete and incomplete database recovery
  • Database recovery scenarios, including control files, tempfiles, pfiles, and spfiles
  • Understanding the Oracle12c database flashback technology stack
  • Tuning and optimizing DB recovery scenarios and utilizing the Oracle12c database flashback
  • Advanced resource management, scheduler workflow and job components
  • Understanding database performance models
  • SQL tuning and optimization
  • Monitoring and tuning database infrastructure in highly-available production environments
  • Understanding database refresh, cloning and duplication for facilitating optimized release cycles

Skills Needed: Linux experience. "Introduction to Linux" is recommended, but not required.

Prerequisites :

Offering code Offering title
DBDA.X412 Oracle 12c on Linux: Administration for Cloud and Data Center Environments