Instructional Design and Delivery, Practicum

In this capstone course, participants synthesize and field-test the elements of solid instructional design and delivery. With the instructor as coach, participants field-test segments of at least one course or training program designed in the certificate core courses. Most participants will present before authentic audiences (e.g., a corporate or government group or a university or college class). The focus remains on learning objectives, student outcomes, instructor self-reflection, feedback loops, and principles of continuous improvement. Participants enrich their courses and programs while practicing professional habits. Course activities include a review of participant portfolios that demonstrate professional competencies to design and deliver instruction and/or training.

Prerequisites :

Offering code Offering title
INDE.X400 Instructional Design and Delivery, Introduction
INDE.X402 Learning Theories and Styles
INDE.X407 Designing Training Programs
INDE.X408 Instructional Needs Assessment and Evaluation