HR Technology - What You Need To Know To Be A Technology Proponent

There are many powerful technological tools available to the human resource professional. This course will help you understand how to effectively use and leverage them. Over the years, HR technology has evolved and expanded beyond the HR Information System (HRIS), a central database of employee information that allowed the company to maintain and report basic employee data and supported automation of functional transactions. Today there are many specific purpose systems, all-in-one systems, and new technologies to consider when determining the optimal technology roadmap for your organization.

To be effective proponents of technology, HR professionals must be able to access, advocate, analyze, and align technology for information, efficiency, and relationships. The course will examine specific purpose systems such as applicant management, compensation planning, performance management, and learning management. By the end of the course, you will be able to articulate the evolution of HR technology and value in organizations and develop a technology roadmap for your company, including system requirements, a review and selection (RFP) template, and a system implementation and launch plan.

[Former #30238]

Prerequisites :

No prerequisites