Graphic Design Fundamentals

If you need to make design decisions for presentations, Web pages or printed materials and you want your final product to be professional and effective, this is the class for you. This course will provide you with the basic skills used by designers everywhere. Through lectures, discussions, slides, critiques and hands-on projects students will learn to set a strategy for any given project, ideate via thumbnail sketches, select appropriate imagery and typeface, all while keeping the brand and project constraints in focus.

This course is highly recommended as a foundation for anyone interested in taking web design courses, especially Visual Design for the Web. This course emphasizes visual problem solving skills and not computer instruction.

Topics include:

  • Overview of typography
  • Overview of color theory
  • Overview of layouts and grids
  • Overview of image selection
Note(s): Students must have access to a computer with Microsoft Office and/or Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop for homework assignments. (Similar drawing or photo manipulation software is also acceptable.)

Prerequisites :

Offering code Offering title
UEWD.X400 Adobe Illustrator, Introduction