Genomics and Next Generation DNA Sequencing: Methods and Applications

Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) has made it possible to sequence a human genome at an incredibly low cost, vastly expanding the potential applications of genomics in cancer diagnostics, pathogen identification, forensic human identification and genetic disease diagnosis. This course begins with the basics of this revolutionary process and then delves into specific applications of NGS in research and clinical settings. The course covers the primary methods used for highly parallel sequencing. You will develop the knowledge needed to perform analyses from sample prep to generating the final data. Skills needed: Completion of "Bioinformatics Tools, Databases and Methods or Experimental Methods in Molecular Biology" is recommended.

Prerequisites :

No prerequisites

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BTEC.X407.(3) 9/21/2019 08:30 AM SANTA CLARA $950 Abizar A Lakdawalla Enroll