ECE: Creative Arts for the Young Child (Preschool Through Grade 3)

You know intuitively that art activities engage children of all ages. But how can you make the most of your teaching with art? How can you---even without formal training---organize stellar lessons that leave the kids asking for more? In this fundamentals course, participants start with a review of art expression at each stage of early childhood development, then move on to understanding ways to foster creativity and the creative process. Next, participants work hands-on with basic art processes, such as, painting, drawing, and creating designs. Through mini-lectures, discussions, videos, and readings, participants prepare age-appropriate lessons that build visual and spatial awareness and relate art to other key curricula---science, mathematics, language arts, and social studies. Participants leave the course with an individualized portfolio, complete with lesson plans and objectives. Course activities include ample instructor modeling.


Prerequisites :

No prerequisites

Sections :

Section Start Date Time Location Cost Instructor Name Full Schedule Enroll
ECED.X312.(4) 8/17/2019 09:00 AM SANTA CLARA $435 Melissa Chi Le Enroll