DITA Authoring, Introduction

Understanding the DITA standard topic types and the content that is included in each type is crucial to getting the most from DITA-authored content. This course covers the basics of the DITA standard (topics and maps), guidelines and best practices around the standard, and the building blocks of good topic-based information. Participants will learn to produce reusable topics and usable, user-centered content that can be quickly configured to meet new product, user, or media requirements.

Topics include:

  • Basic introduction to XML

  • Topic-based authoring and the DITA standard

  • DITA content types (concept, task, reference, and glossary)

  • Creating titles, short descriptions, and other content appropriate for each DITA type

  • Designing information deliverables using maps

  • Reusing content within a topic or map

Familiarity with XML and with task-oriented authoring practices will be beneficial.

[Former #20830]

Prerequisites :

No prerequisites