Developing Applications for Android Mobile Devices

Android is an open-source platform for smartphones, tablets and the increasingly popular Internet-enabled devices (wearable, TV, etc.). With the open development environment and the support of major manufacturers, the platform is fast becoming the leader in the worldwide mobile and device markets. This course provides in-class exercises and hands-on assignments to help you acquire the skills needed to develop your own applications.

The course reviews Java language basics for Android development and provides an overview of the Android development platform and integrated development environment (IDE). You will learn through a simple application that demonstrates how to build applications for the platform step by step. The course covers the platform architecture and basic mobile building blocks and the instructor will provide interaction and guidance in programming assignments. You will learn how to implement the user interfaces and use the optional APIs and Google libraries to enrich the application. The course includes recommended best practices in app development and the publishing process, as well as the programming considerations for tablet, wearable and Internet-TV on the Android platform.

The course offers a head-start in learning the skills needed to develop native Android applications. The instructor will share best practices in Android apps development and students will practice with the Android Studio IDE. You will receive guidance to create a simple Android app on your own. Java programming experience is required but the instructor will give a refresher of Java features throughout the course.

Topics include:

  • Review of Java programming for Android development
  • Introduction to Android
  • * Setting up the development environment
  • Android framework and architecture
  • User interface development
  • * Activities and Fragments
    * Navigations and Notifications
    * ListView and CardView
  • Persistent data storage and databases
  • Guided project: Putting it all together
  • Building for wearables, tablets and Internet-TV
  • Publishing
  • Best practices
  • Note(s): A laptop (Windows/Mac/Linux) is required for this class. The instructor will give instructions to install the Android Studio IDE, but students should have some experience with software installation. Android phone is optional.

    Skills Needed: Java programming experience is required to program Android.

    Prerequisites :

    Offering code Offering title
    CMPR.X412 Java Programming for Beginners