Designing Training Programs

This course details how to design a training program or event. You’ll gain insight into the instructional design process, including adult learning principles and training needs analysis with a focus on defining learning objectives; and you’ll learn to use experiential methods to plan learning activities, structure a training program and evaluate your program. The course emphasizes using the appropriate instructional design skills and methods to create a learning activity. You’ll get the chance to design a training activity that applies directly to your work, and receive constructive feedback from the instructor and your peers at various stages of the design process throughout the course.

Topics Include:

  • Fundamentals of training programs

  • Overview of the instructional design process

  • Principles of adult learning

  • Current issues in training

  • Use of the ADDIE model to design a training program: Analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Complete a learning needs assessment

  • Write concrete learning objectives for desired training outcomes

  • Create appropriate experiential learning activities

  • Develop a training plan and create a learning program structure

  • Design a training program evaluation

  • Develop and present a training program proposal


Prerequisites :

Offering code Offering title
INDE.X400 Instructional Design and Delivery, Introduction