C Programming for Beginners

C language is popular for engineering and commercial applications. It allows developers to maintain the structure and portability of a high-level language while having the detailed control, efficiency and speed of an assembly language. C is the leading language used in hardware application and in software compilers, libraries and interpreters. This course gets you started with application development using the C language.

The course begins with programming and tools overview. It introduces the functions, data types, input/output, strings, operators, precedence, and expressions. It also demonstrates the use of control statements, arrays, and pointers for problem solving. Students will receive assignments to write non-trivial programs and learn to create modular programs with efficiency and readability.

This course will benefit individuals who want to learn C programming language but have little or no programming background. The lectures stress the strengths of C providing students with the means of writing efficient, maintainable and portable code. Each instruction is supplemented with programming exercises.

Topics Include:

  • Compiling, linking, executing, debugging and running a C Program

  • Functions, data types

  • Input and Output, character strings

  • Arrays

  • Operators and precedence

  • Expressions

  • Control statement

  • Pointers

  • Advanced topics

Note(s): Students registered for this course are eligible to download fully-featured Visual Studio software free from the Microsoft Imagine site with school sponsorship (an $800 retail value). Login information will be sent to enrolled students from Kivuto.com (a Microsoft digital distributor) around the first day of class.

Skills Needed: Technical aptitude and experience with a computer operating system or equivalent knowledge.

Prerequisites :

No prerequisites

Sections :

Section Start Date Time Location Cost Instructor Name Full Schedule Enroll
CMPR.X400.(810) 3/12/2019 12:00 AM ONLINE $620 Bineet Sharma Enroll
CMPR.X400.(13) 4/26/2019 06:30 PM SANTA CLARA $620 Sara Saatchi Enroll
CMPR.X400.(811) 4/9/2019 11:58 PM ONLINE $620 Bineet Sharma Enroll