Applied Organizational Behavior and Coaching

An evidence-based course that demonstrates how to use scientific, applied, hands-on coaching management concepts on a daily basis to maximize employee performance, Applied Organizational Behavior and Coaching helps to increase leadership skills. The course explains how to use scientific principles of behavior management to accurately measure the rate at which organizational and individual performance increases. Areas important to becoming a better performance and leadership coach include understanding how a manager’s daily interactions with employees impact performance, management and employee responsibilities, objectively setting and measuring performance standards that also withstand legal challenge, managing within the law, using emotional intelligence, developing cultural intelligence, and working in international environments. Students will learn how to assess and correct performance behaviors quickly, how to write accurate job descriptions; how to legally manage, appraise and counsel employees, and how to manage employees from different countries. Course material will explain the underpinnings of lean and change processes, and is applicable to profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations.

Prerequisites :

No prerequisites