Advanced Schedule Optimization Techniques

This follow-up course to Schedule Optimization Techniques provides objective metrics that answer the question "How will we know this is a good schedule?" Using the tools provided, you will learn practical techniques to select and develop schedules which achieve desired business goals. There are schedules to help achieve any goal, whether it is minimum time to market, lowest project cost, or most cost-effective resource assignments.

You will learn the techniques that determine the optimal project scope for the trajectory of a particular industry, cope with uncertainties of an experience-based scheduling tool, and achieve optimal scheduling of multiple-project portfolios.

The course provides advanced robust scheduling and evolutionary-algorithm based optimization tools that solve scheduling problems too complex for analytical or heuristics-based schedule optimization.

You'll learn how to develop accurate project plans quickly that perform Design to Schedule project optimization, while avoiding common mistakes. You will gain valuable hands-on experience solving problems from real-world examples using techniques and tools provided.

Note(s): Professional Credit: Project Management Institute -- PMP 15 Professional Development Units.

Prerequisites :

Offering code Offering title
PPMT.X400 Role of the Project Manager
PPMT.X413 Schedule Optimization Techniques for Managers