Instructional Design and Delivery



How do you present your work to the world?
The way we access, interpret and use information is largely influenced by the way it is presented to us. Whether you are a classroom teacher, an online instructor, or a corporate trainer, it is critical that you master the principles of instructional design. How else will you know if your audience is fully engaged in your material? Our Instructional Design and Delivery courses and certificate program prepares you design you career. Learn the instructional design skills, theories and methods needed to best convey your material to your students and colleagues. Pick up skills course by course or declare candidacy for the certificate program.

Universal Skills
Is your company taking training online? Need to design a course for a diverse audience? The theories of learning are applicable in virtually any environment.

Forward-Thinking Ideas
The way we digest material changes with every platform. Learn to design instruction with an eye to the future.


“What I learned in the program is much bigger than instructional design.”
– Elizabeth Roper Tun Zan

The Profession

The Power to Inform

Armed with an education in instructional design, you can apply these skills to various career paths, including:

  • Teaching in a K-12 classroom
  • Teaching adults in university, community college, proprietary schools, preparatory schools and continuing education settings
  • Training and consulting in government or corporate environments
  • Designing curriculum for online courses, for any audience
  • Designing training programs as a human resources professional

Our Instructional Design and Delivery certificate will prepare you to assess your audience and prepare strategic and effective instruction tailored to their needs.

Market Relevance

Global funding for educational technology has risen to a record $2.98 billion, as of February 2016. –EdWeek Market Brief

Job Prospects

Demand for instructional designers and technologists is expected to go up, with an expected 36,220 new jobs to be filled by 2018. –

Average Earnings

The median annual wage for instructional coordinators was $62,270 in May 2015. –Occupational Outlook Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics


"It’s not about taking classes and doing assignments; it’s about participating, collaborating, engaging, researching, analyzing, forum posting, drafting, reiterating, presenting, and ‘showcasing’ a final project." –Nadine Kabbara


Program Objectives

The Instructional Design and Delivery certificate offers a comprehensive grounding in learning theories and styles that you can apply to your instruction. As a graduate of the program, you’ll have the skills to:

  • Plan and implement assessment and evaluation as they play out in corporate training and university settings
  • Understand the principles of visual design
  • Develop a training program or event
  • Design online courses and build online communities
  • Manage projects and facilitate group conversations


"The course work at UCSC Extension made it a career change that suited my personality. Extension made it make sense." –Jeremy Wadhams


At UCSC Extension, courses are developed by program chairs and faculty according to the rigorous University of California standards and designed to meet the economic needs of each industry. Our instructors represent the best of both worlds.

Program Chair

ALAN TSUDA, M.B.A., Yale University, has taught for UCSC Extension in the Project Management and Instructional Design programs since 1999. He has over 15 years of industry experience as a consultant in technology and corporate training and is the founder of ResultWorks, a Silicon Valley consultant firm. A veteran of the computer and tech industries, Mr. Tsuda specializes in the application of technology to learning. As a consultant, he focuses on helping clients learn. Mr. Tsuda has assisted with the development of technical training programs for two consulting firms, and served on advisory boards for curriculum review and program redesign projects at UCSC Extension and UC Berkeley Extension. He has worked with many current and emerging instructors at UCSC Extension, some of whom have become colleagues and collaborators in developing and delivering instruction.


Program Format

UCSC Extension’s Instructional Design and Delivery courses are offered at UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus, a beautiful facility located on the corner of Scott and Bowers in Santa Clara. Many of our courses are also available as blended courses, which offer both online and in-person sessions, and others are 100% online. Choose courses according to your interest or declare candidacy in the certificate for a more comprehensive overview of the field.

Instructional Design and Delivery Courses

Total: 14 units

Required: 4 courses, 6 units

Electives: 8 units

To complete the certificate, you must complete a minimum of 14 units; 6 units of required courses and at least 8 units of elective courses.

Required Courses:

  • Instructional Design and Delivery, Introduction, 1 unit
  • Learning Theories and Styles, 1 unit
  • Cultural Proficiency, 2 units
  • Practicum in Instructional Design and Delivery, 2 units



  • Introduction to Online Teaching, 2 units
  • Building Online Learning Communities, 2 units
  • Designing Online Instruction, 2 units


  • Facilitation Skills, 2 units
  • Designing Training Programs, 2 units
  • Instructional Needs Assessment and Evaluation, 1.5 units
  • Role of the Project Manager, 1.5 units


Want to learn more about our curriculum in person? Join us for a free Info Session to learn more about our courses, faculty, and program requirements. Learn more on our Events page.


The rough cost of the Instructional Design and Delivery certificate is estimated at $4,500.



No application is required to enroll in our courses or certificate programs. Information about our open enrollment process can be found on our Enrollment page. If you have any questions about our programs, please contact the UCSC Extension Outreach office by phone at 408-861-3860, or by email at

From the schedule below, click on a course title to see sections available for enrollment. You may view the full course schedule, or enroll in the course, by clicking the respective button. The course type offerings (classroom, online, blended) are guidelines and subject to change. A blended (hybrid) course has both classroom and online components.

Declaring Candidacy

If you intend to pursue a certificate, declaring candidacy establishes program requirements early in your studies, so any subsequent curriculum changes do not affect your progress. It does not limit what courses you can take; and it helps you structure your professional development program for maximum benefit to you. Go the declare candidacy page to establish your requirements for this program. Certificate program requirements must be completed within three years of declaring candidacy.

Course Schedule

1. Required Courses
classroom : Classroom
online : Online
hybrid : Blended
Offering Code Offering Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
INDE.X400 Instructional Design and Delivery, Introduction 1.0 Online Blended Online Blended
INDE.X401 Cultural Proficiency 2.0 Classroom Online
INDE.X402 Learning Theories and Styles 1.0 Online Classroom
INDE.X490 Instructional Design and Delivery, Practicum 2.0 Blended Blended
2. Elective Courses
classroom : Classroom
online : Online
hybrid : Blended
Offering Code Offering Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
PPMT.X400 Role of the Project Manager 1.5 Classroom and Online Classroom and Online Classroom and Online Classroom and Online
HRMT.X406 Facilitation Skills 2.0 Classroom Classroom
INDE.X404 Introduction to Online Teaching 2.0 Online
INDE.X405 Building Online Learning Communities 2.0 Online Online
INDE.X406 Designing Online Instruction 2.0 Online
INDE.X407 Designing Training Programs 2.0 Classroom Classroom
INDE.X408 Instructional Needs Assessment and Evaluation 1.5 Classroom Classroom
3. Required Certificate Review
classroom : Classroom
online : Online
hybrid : Blended
Offering Code Offering Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
O-CE0611 Instructional Design Certificate Completion Review Online Online Online Online