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Elizabeth Roper Tun Zan, Instructional Design and Delivery Alumnas

"I learned how to work online, work on group projects, give presentations, and be involved in an online community."
Elizabeth Roper Tun Zan, Instructional Design and Delivery Alumnas

Program Description

Classroom • Online • Blended

Deliver great learning

The rapidly growing field of instructional design needs qualified people to organize and deliver learning that effectively serves diverse learning styles and organizational goals. This certificate focuses on the principles and practices of traditional settings in K-12 classrooms, colleges, universities, and professional training settings in corporations and government.

Our instructors model the best of instructional design, starting with assessments of each participant’s needs so they can coach you toward the next developmental stage. As a student, you will develop and expand existing skills, build on natural talents and strengths, and learn from assessments any areas in need of special attention. Throughout the program, participants build practical approaches in the following areas:

  • Online learning

  • Facilitation

  • Emerging technologies

  • Intercultural communication

  • Curriculum and training vendor evaluation

If you are interested in developing a cultural proficiency course, learning to teach online, or polishing up on current learning theories and styles, the Instructional Design and Delivery program has both individual courses and a certificate program that lays the foundation for a fulfilling and successful instructional design career.



Total Required: 8–9 courses/14 units: Take 4 required courses (6 units) and 4–5 elective credit courses (8–9 units). End with certificate of completion review.

Time Commitment: A full-time student can complete the certificate in 9–12 months.

Estimated Cost: $4,500

F1 Students: [Costs for F-1 students]


Total Required: 8–9 courses/14 units: Take 4 required courses (6 units) and 4–5 elective credit courses (8–9 units). End with certificate of completion review.

1. Required Courses

Units: 2.0 INDE.X401
Winter Classroom
Summer Online
Fall Online
Winter Classroom
Spring Online
Spring + Classroom and Online (Blended)
Units: 1.0 INDE.X402
Winter Online
Summer Classroom

2. Elective Courses

Spring Online
Units: 2.0 INDE.X406
Fall Online
Units: 2.0 INDE.X407
Fall Classroom
Units: 2.0 HRMT.X406
Fall Classroom
Winter Classroom
Winter Classroom
Winter Online
Units: 1.5 PPMT.X400
Fall Classroom Online
Winter Classroom Online
Spring Classroom Online
Summer Classroom Online

3. Required Certificate Review

Fall Online
Winter Online
Spring Online
Summer Online

Requisite Knowledge

Ground your instructional design in practical skills

Learn to serve different learning styles. Our instructional design students learn to organize and deliver information to meet organizational goals for all ages and environments—from kindergarten and college to government and corporate training programs. Explore new approaches to online learning, facilitation, the use of emerging technologies, intercultural communication, and the evaluation of curriculum and training vendors.

Instructional Design and Delivery certificate program objectives:

  • Plan and implement assessment and evaluation as they play out in corporate training and university settings

  • Understand the principles of visual design

  • Develop a training program or event

  • Design online courses and build online communities

  • Manage projects and facilitate group conversations

Program Chair

Alan Tsuda & Holly

Certificate Program Co-Chairs 

ALAN TSUDA, M.B.A., has over 15 years' industry experience as a consultant in technology and corporate training and is the founder of ResultWorks, a Silicon Valley consultant firm. A veteran of the computer and tech industries, he specializes in the application of technology in learning. Tsuda has assisted with the development of technical training programs for two consulting firms and served on advisory boards for curriculum review and program redesign projects at UCSC Extension and UC Berkeley Extension. He has taught for UCSC Extension in the Project Management and Instructional Design programs since 1999 and has worked with many current and emerging instructors at UCSC Extension, some of whom have become colleagues and collaborators in developing and delivering instruction.


HOLLY CORNELISON HOPLA, M.Ed., a secondary English language arts specialist for the Issaquah School District in Washington and an independent educational consultant, has worked extensively with K-12 students and adult learners. A National Board Certified teacher, she has for two decades been a leader in the use of technology in the traditional and blended classroom space. She holds multiple teaching credentials and coaches education professionals in the implementation of culturally responsive instructional practices.  She holds certificates in online teaching, instructional design and delivery, and educational consulting, and currently serves as co-chair of the UCSC Extension Instructional Design program. 

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