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Accredited paralegal certificates & CEUs. We offer two levels of paralegal training to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the American judicial system—Paralegal Core Certificate Course and Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course. Both are taught through the Center of Legal Studies and meet state of California paralegal certification requirements.

In the core certificate course, two seven-week intensives, you learn practical skills to assist trial attorneys, interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation.

In the Advanced certificate program students dive deep into at least six topics of their choice.

Paralegal I Objectives:

·       The origins and history of the American legal system

·       The meaning and application of important legal terminology

·       Attorney and paralegal ethics

·       Techniques of jury selection and the jury selection process

·       How to prepare legal documents including demand letters, pleadings, discovery documents, motions and memos

·       Significant elements of the substantive law of torts, contracts

·       The important rules of civil procedure and evidence

·       How to conduct a legal interview

·       How to conduct legal investigation

·       How to conduct legal analysis and perform legal problem solving

Paralegal II Objectives:

·       The importance of precedence

·       What legal authority is, and which authority is the most important

·       How to conduct legal research and learn how to use the 4 most effective legal research tools found in virtually every law library

·       How to Shepardize your authority

·       How to properly cite your authority

·       How to conduct computerized legal research used extensively in law offices throughout the country.

·       Proper and effective legal writing style

·       The basic documents for several important substantive areas of law

·       Advocacy techniques for usage in formal or informal settings, and

·       How to begin your job search and perhaps begin a freelance paralegal business after your education

Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course

Students are required to complete six seven-week sessions of Advanced Paralegal Course topics (below) to receive a certificate.

·       Advanced Legal Research

·       Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

·       Bankruptcy Law

·       Business Law

·       Constitutional Law

·       Criminal Law

·       Criminal Procedure

·       Education Law

·       Estate Planning

·       Family Law

·       Immigration Law

·       Intellectual Property

·       Real Property Law

·       Victim Advocacy

·       Water Law

Core Course: 9 CEUs; Advanced Course: 27 CEUs

Time Commitment: Paralegal Core: Two 7-week intensive sessions

Estimated Cost: Core: $1,300 • Advanced: $1,800

F1 Students: [Costs for F-1 students]


Core Course: 9 CEUs; Advanced Course: 27 CEUs

Paralegal Core

Units: 9.0 CEU LSTU.X400
Fall Online
Winter Online
Spring Online
Summer Online

Paralegal Advanced

Units: 27.0 CEU LSTU.X410
Fall Online
Winter Online
Spring Online
Summer Online

Requisite Knowledge

Please review course descriptions. Without any prior degrees or legal experience, you will need to take both courses to practice in California.

Professional Development

State requirements. California paralegals may need to complete Advanced Paralegal coursework to meet the requirements of California Business and Professional Code §6450. Please visit The Center for Legal Studies for more information.

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