Marketing Management


“Marketing is missed when it’s not there. It’s so important to understand how the business works, what your products are, what your competitive advantage is. Marketing helps you understand those terminologies as to how you’re differentiated and how your brand is perceived.”

Priyanka Redhu MBA, Alumna, Marketing Management Certificate Program

Market the right products to the right customers at the right time
Our Marketing program equips you with the theory, tools and practice needed to communicate business needs to diverse audiences, across multiple platforms, in any industry. Pick up skills course by course or declare candidacy for a certificate.

Discover practical ways to align your goals to business needs and manage your team in our management track.

From Facebook to Twitter, Google Analytics to search engine marketing, explore the ever-changing needs of social media marketing in our Digital Marketing track.

The Profession
“Now I have both the writing background and the digital marketing knowledge to push an organization into the next 10 years.”

— Travis Summers, Marketing Management, alumnus

What’s the Power of Your Brand?
How do you use marketing to solve business problems? Effective marketing can make or break a business. Our Marketing courses are designed to help you communicate the value of your goods or services to customers in any industry. Develop the skills you need to discover career opportunities in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Average Annual Earnings
$129,380—Average median pay for advertising, promotions and marketing managers in the U.S. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017)
$59,300—Median annual income for public relations specialist in the U.S. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017)
$95,700—Median annual income for public relations specialist in San Jose (US News& World Report, 2018)
$45,000—Median average salary for a marketing coordinator (Forbes, 2018)

Employment of public relations specialists is projected to grow 9 percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations. The need for organizations to maintain their public image will continue to drive employment growth.

Market Relevance
Advertising, promotions, and marketing management jobs are projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018)

Job Prospects
Forbes ranked the job of a marketing coordinator as the sixth most popular job for new college graduates. (Forbes, 2018)

"Within four weeks of class, I was able to start sharing insight with customers."

— Jim Lamascus, MS/HROD, Alumnus, Digital Marketing  

Program Objectives

As a graduate of the Marketing certificate program, you’ll have the skills to:
•  Create integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns
•  Evaluate the success of marketing campaigns based on data
•  Communicate brand values to diverse audiences
•  Leverage social media as a selling tool


At UCSC Extension, courses are developed by program chairs and faculty according to the rigorous University of California standards and designed to meet the economic needs of each industry. Our instructors represent the best of both worlds.

Program Chair

LY-HUONG PHAM, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D., has over 30 years of experience in general management, system software development, consulting and entrepreneurship in the high tech industry.  Ms. Pham serves as chief executive officer of Mobiscale LLC, a private company providing end-to-end strategic and engineering services from creating a winning strategic plan to developing high performing organizations through the delivery of market-leading products, services and sustainable competitive advantages to compete in the global economy. Their clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies and come from many sectors such as high-tech, social media, mobile, education, and healthcare.

Prior to Mobiscale, Ms. Pham was CEO for several start-ups and held other senior management roles at Apple Inc., Turbolinux Inc., and Cray Inc. among others. She is a co-inventor of ten granted patents that have produced over a billion dollars in licensing revenue. Ms. Pham has taught courses in computer sciences, business management and marketing, in the U.S. and Asia.  Her perspective comes from an integrative view of academic theories and professional lessons learned from helping turn around companies, develop new markets, and launch start-ups or corporate spin-offs.

Ms. Pham completed a Ph.D. in human and organizational systems, with a concentration of information society and knowledge organization. Besides serving clients and students, Ms. Pham served as a director and the chair of the audit committee of several nonprofit organizations transforming the health, education and communities of disadvantaged people in Southeast Asia.


Program Format

UCSC Extension’s Marketing program is offered at UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus, a beautiful facility located on the corner of Scott and Bowers in Santa Clara. Many courses are also available online. Choose courses according to your interest or declare candidacy in the certificate for a more comprehensive overview of the field.

Benefits of Declaring Candidacy

Looking to add a UC certificate to your resume? Our certificate in Marketing offers two exciting tracks: Marketing Management and Digital Marketing. When you declare candidacy, you set the intention to update your skills and prepare yourself for advancement opportunities. In addition, you benefit by:

  • Locking in program requirements early in your studies, so any subsequent curriculum changes do not affect your studies
  • Subscribing to program updates and special opportunities related to the program

Certificate Requirements

Total: 14 units

Required: 6.5 units

Elective: 7.5 units

GPA: 3.0, with a C or better in all courses.

Timeline: To earn the certificate, you must complete all minimum requirements within 3 years of declaring candidacy.

Transferring courses from other institutions: Courses completed more than 5 years prior to the date of certificate issuance cannot be used to fulfill requirements. Learn more about transferring credit here.

Required Courses

There are three required courses:

  • Implementing Winning Marketing Strategies, 2 units
  • Integrated Marketing Communication, 2.5 units
  • Principles of Marketing2 units


You must complete a minimum of 7.5 units of elective credit to earn the certificate.


  • Advanced Social Media Marketing: A Practical Approach for Business, 2 units
  • Applied Digital Marketing for Business: Tools, Techniques, Technologies, and their Applications, 2 units
  • Application of Social Media for Business Growth, 2 units
  • CRM:  Customer Relationship Management Fundamentals, 2 units
  • Customer Acquisition 2.0: Strategies, Retention and Win-Back, 1.5 units
  • Database Marketing and Social Selling, 1.5 units
  • Leveraging Content and Social Analytics, 1.5 units
  • Search Engine Marketing, 2 units 
  • Social Media Marketing, Fundamentals, 2 units
  • Web and Mobile Analytics, 1.5 units
  • Web Writing That Works, 1.5 units


Student pursuing the Social Media Marketing Award must complete these required courses:  Principles of Marketing; Social Media Marketing, Fundamentals; Advanced Social Media Marketing: A Practical Approach for Business, and the final project:

  • Application of Social Media for Business Growth, 2 units


  • Business and Professional Writing, 2 units
  • Consumer Insights: Data Analysis and Interpretation, 1.5 units
  • Marketing Operations 2.0: Tactical Discipline to Strategic Vision, 2 units
  • Medical Device Marketing, 3 units
  • Power of Market Research, 2 units
  • Product Management: Moving the Product to Market, 2 units
  • Positioning and Brand Management, 1.5 units
  • Public Relations: Winning the Mindshare Battle, 1.5 units


Want to learn more about our curriculum in person? Join us for a free Info Session to learn more about our courses, faculty, and program requirements. Learn more on our Events page.


“Starting at UCSC Extension is a really good option, because you get extensive training and you can prepare for your own career.” – Maani Salimi


The rough cost for a Marketing certificate is estimated at $5,000.



No application is required to enroll in our courses or certificate programs. Information about our open enrollment process can be found on our Enrollment page. If you have any questions about our programs, please contact the UCSC Extension Outreach office by phone at 408-861-3860, or by email at

From the schedule below, click on a course title to see sections available for enrollment. You may view the full course schedule, or enroll in the course, by clicking the respective button. The course type offerings (classroom, online, blended) are guidelines and subject to change. A blended (hybrid) course has both classroom and online components.

Declaring Candidacy

If you intend to pursue a certificate, declaring candidacy establishes program requirements early in your studies, so any subsequent curriculum changes do not affect your progress. It does not limit what courses you can take; and it helps you structure your professional development program for maximum benefit to you. Go the declare candidacy page to establish your requirements for this program. Certificate program requirements must be completed within three years of declaring candidacy.

Course Schedule

1. Required Courses
classroom : Classroom
online : Online
hybrid : Blended
Offering Code Offering Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
MKTG.X400 Principles of Marketing 2.0 Classroom Classroom Classroom
MKTG.X403 Implementing Marketing and Sales Strategies 2.0 Classroom Classroom
MKTG.X408 Integrated Marketing Communication 2.5 Online Classroom Online Online
2. Specialized Electives: Digital Marketing
3. Specialized Electives: Marketing Management
4. Required Certificate Review
classroom : Classroom
online : Online
hybrid : Blended
Offering Code Offering Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
O-CE0406 Marketing Management Certificate Completion Review Online Online Online Online