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Bryan Rodriguez, Human Resources Management Alumnus

"After I took my first class, I realized that a lot of my professional experience will translate well in this new career path."
Bryan Rodriguez, Human Resources Management Alumnus

Program Description


Master the fundamentals. In just three months, you can prepare for American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) certification. Learn to receive cash, record transactions, track timecards and leave, disburse payroll, monitor company assets, and reconcile accounts with outside suppliers or service providers. In our AIPB-endorsed Bookeeping program students complete personal study workbooks outside of class and prepare for three certification exams. You have the opportunity to take them during or after the course. Broaden your knowledge Learn best practices.

Bookkeeping certificate program objectives:

  • Study for the AIPB certification exam
  • Calculate depreciation and recording
  • Value merchandise inventory
  • Correct accounting errors and reconcile bank accounts
  • Understand deferrals and adjusted trial balance

7.5 CEUs available.

Time Commitment: A 12-week course

Estimated Cost: $1,450 (including textbooks)

F1 Students: [Costs for F-1 students]


7.5 CEUs available.

Certified Bookkeeper Program

Units: 7.5 CEU BOOK.X400
Fall Classroom

Requisite Knowledge

Please complete Introduction to Accounting I: Financial Accounting or have the equivalent knowledge to succeed in the bookkeeping program.

Professional Development

Certified Bookkeeper. Some CB exams are included in the course. Part 2 of the examination for certification must be completed at an AIPB approved testing center. There are a few additional requirements you need to meet to become a Certified Bookkeeper:

·       Pass a national exam at a Sylvan-Prometric test center and achieve a grade of at least 75% on each of five tests

·       Adjusting entries

·       Error correction, including bank reconciliation

·       Depreciation, book and tax, including passenger autos

·       Payroll

·       Inventory under the perpetual and periodic systems, including moving and weighted average, LIFO, FIFO and LCM costing

Experience requirements. You need to have at least two years (3000 hours) of work experience. This may be satisfied before or after passing the examinations.

Code of Ethics. You need to sign a code of ethics.

Continuing Ed. To maintain certification, you must earn an average of 30 continuing professional education credits a year.

AIPB details. Consult with the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) for specific certification exam requirements.

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You are invited to declare candidacy in your certificate program as soon as possible so you can lock in the curriculum requirements and not be impacted by any subsequent program changes. Once you’ve declared, you have three years to complete the program.


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