"Because the Bay Area has a large concentration of biotech companies using state-of-the-art technologies to advance their research, there is a huge employment opportunity for individuals with training and/or experience in the biosciences. UCSC Extension instructors continually fine-tune the courses they offer to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enhance their chances of obtaining these jobs. It's kind of a marriage of who we are and what we offer students based on the job possibilities of where we are located."

Edward Rozhon, Chair/Instructor Bioinformatics and Biotechnology certificate program and former senior manager of clinical trials for autoimmune, infectious, and opthalmologic diseases, Genentech

An estimated $6 billion in healthcare venture capital is expected to buoy the national biosciences industry in 2017 , making it an especially exciting time for our instructors and students who participate in the thriving global biosciences industry of Silicon Valley. To support this unique workforce, UCSC Extension provides a full complement of bioscience courses that are designed by industry professionals to teach students practical skills in high demand. Whether you are interested in the scientific, clinical, computational or regulatory aspects of the bioscience field, studying at UCSC Extension will help you excel in this dynamic industry.

Students are invited to take a single course or pursue one of our more rigorous certificate programs. Whether you are a seasoned clinical lab scientist, need help understanding regulatory affairs best practices, or a curious learner interested in picking up taking a microbiology class—you will enjoy UC-accredited curriculum.

Our instructors are linked to the greater professional community and generously share their experience and the skills that brought them success in the workforce. Network with a classroom filled with your future colleagues. 

Many of our courses also satisfy continuing education credit for clinical researchers, registered nurses and regulatory affairs professionals.