Professional Award for Administrative Professionals

Professional Award for Administrative Professionals

A foundation for business success

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Award Description

Build Your Administrative Professional Skills

Once you have a solid foundation in administrative support, you can build your own career trajectory. This is especially true in the UCSC Extension Professional Award for Administrative Professionals where you learn practical skills in three key areas:

  • Business Finance
  • Strategic Communications, and
  • Effective Writing.

Add on an elective such as facilitation, project management, customer relations, or public relations fundamentals and launch your career in business support. You can continue to grow your career by applying the units from this professional award to the Business Administration certificate. Make yourself an invaluable member of any dynamic team.

Learning Outcomes in the Administrative Professionals Program

  • Develop a broad understanding of financial concepts and tools.
  • Demonstrate effective organizational communication.
  • Apply proficiency fundamentals of administrative roles including human resources, financial responsibilities, public relations, and project management.

Cost: $3,000
Required Credits: 4 courses/minimum 6.5 units. Take 3 core courses (5 units) and 1 elective credit course (1.5 or 2 units)
Duration: A student can complete this professional award in 6 months.


Course Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
1. Three Required Courses
Business and Professional Writing 2.0
Business Communications 2.0
Finance for the Business Professional 1.0
2. One Elective Course Required
CRM: Customer Relationship Management, Fundamentals 2.0
Facilitation Skills 2.0
Public Relations: Winning the Mindshare Battle 1.5
Role of the Project Manager 1.5
3. Enroll in the Award Completion Fee to request your Award once all other requirements have been met.
Administrative Professionals Professional Award Completion Fee None

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You are invited to declare candidacy in your certificate program as soon as possible so you can lock in the curriculum requirements and not be impacted by any subsequent program changes. Once you’ve declared candidacy, you have five years to complete the program.

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