Network Engineer Puts New Skills to Work After Completing Extension Certificate


- Kruthi Narayana

Term : June, 2013
Department : Engineering
Program : Network Engineering & Security

Kruthi Narayana found her first job in the United States after completing the Network Engineering and Systems Security certificate program (now called Information Technology) at UCSC Extension. Originally from India, Narayana moved to California with her husband on an H4 visa. While many of her friends urged her to pursue a master’s degree, she found that Extension’s nine-month program was a better fit for her professional needs—and that the International Programs staff made the transition from an H4 to an F1 visa seamless.

“I did some research on how to get onto an F1 visa,” she says, “and I found that because I wanted to concentrate on network engineering, UCSC Extension was the right place for me. I didn’t have to take the TOEFL or the GRE, and with the International Programs staff’s help, I was on an F1 visa by my second semester. I found a job when I was on OPT, and when I was interviewed, I didn’t face any difficulties because the courses I took had prepared me.”

Narayana was most excited about her TCP/IP Essentials and Computer Networking Essentials courses. Though her bachelor’s degree was in computer science, she had never had the opportunity to zero in on such specific skills. She got to practice critical skills in courses like Switching and Routing and VMware vSphere: Configuration and Management.

“I had a little bit of knowledge in basic networking, but it wasn’t until I got to Extension that I got the hands-on experience that I’m now using in my job,” she says. “The courses weren’t just about book knowledge—they were about learning applicable skills.”

After completing her program, Narayana found a job as a product engineer at Barracuda Networks through Optional Practical Training (OPT). She helps customers troubleshoot Internet security issues and uses programs such as VMware vSphere every day.

“Whatever I learned at Extension, I try to teach my customers,” says. “I will always recommend UCSC Extension.”

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