Marketing Student Lands Silicon Valley Job After Completing Certificate


- Shyla Jain

Term : October, 2016
Department : Business and Management
Program : Marketing

When Shyla Jain started looking for professional certification programs in the Bay Area, she had a big goal in mind: to gain the skills and experience she’d need to land her first job in Silicon Valley. Before she moved from India to the United States, she had worked in business and management. When she learned that UCSC Extension offered F1 visas for international students, she was excited to enroll in the Marketing Management program and hit the ground running with a practical internship. Within nine months she had completed the certificate, gained valuable internship experience and accepted a job as a marketing coordinator at a local company.

What made UCSC Extension’s programs for international programs stand out?

I’m Indian; I did my education in India, and when I moved to California I wanted to learn how the US culture works and how they study here. It made sense to start with a one year program. When I first started at UCSC Extension, the staff mentioned during our orientation that I could get credits for doing an unpaid internship and get practical training. I was very aggressive in pursuing this, and it really helped me a lot, because I was gaining experience from day one in the program. I could relate what they were teaching in my classes to my internship, and later when I found a job.

What courses did you find particularly useful?

The core subjects were all very helpful, though my favorite classes were “Integrated Marketing Communications” and “Project Leadership and Communication.” “Integrated Marketing Communications” was very interactive. The professor showed us videos related to the subject, gave us some practical knowledge, and encouraged us to participate. The “Project Leadership Communication” class stood out to me and my friends because it helped us understand some management concepts that helped us prepare for our interviews.

I found my courses to be really interactive. The assignments were appropriate and the professors were open to listen to you. The program was great for me; I’m glad that I joined UCSC Extension.

 What projects or course materials helped you in the real world?

I was able to use skills from my “Search Engine Marketing” class to help my company with their Google Analytics. I felt I could offer some technical knowledge in the marketing field.

What advice do you have for international students?

I would encourage them to find an internship, because that’s what helped me the most. I was the only one in my cohort who pursued an internship for the entirety of my nine month program. When I was looking for work, it really helped that I could list experience in the US. When you are a full-time student you are juggling classes and planning ahead to apply for OPT, so it’s smart to start your search early.

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