Experienced QA Engineer Lands Job at Tech Career Fair


- Prajakta Badhe

Term : September, 2013
Department : Engineering
Program : Software Engineering & Quality

Prajakta Badhe started taking Software Engineering and Quality courses at UCSC Extension in fall 2013—and within a year, had landed a job at a Silicon Valley startup. How’d she do it?
What brought you to UCSC Extension?
I worked in India for 9 or 10 years in software quality and took a break in 2009, when my second daughter was born. My family and I moved to Silicon Valley in 2012, when my husband got a job, and I spent a few months trying to find the next step in my career. I happened to read about UCSC Extension in a magazine, and learned that their programs would help me qualify for an F1 visa and OPT. The courses were held on Saturdays and evenings, which worked best for me, and I could complete the entire program in three quarters. The software engineering courses were very much aligned with my interests, and I also was able to mix and match programming skills. Everything fell into place, and the international programs staff was so helpful.

What specific skills or knowledge were you seeking?

I took a break in my career for a while and I needed to get back to industry. I thought UCSC Extension was good platform to start with since there are many professional certification programs which are up-to-date with industry. I was mainly looking to refresh my knowledge in software engineering and quality, and also update myself with new tools and technology.

What was your experience like navigating the F-1 student visa process without international programs staff?

The international advisors were so helpful and were guiding me in every step of the way. They were patient and were always helpful no matter how many times you would call with your questions. The internship advisor was really helpful; she helped me choose the right company to intern for.

How do you feel about the program as a whole?

The program is excellent for everyone, especially for international students. Also the internship opportunity also helps students gear up for the real job. I was able to find internship during the program and it was an amazing learning experience from technical to professional. My daughters were excited for me to go to class; they urged me to go to find work and stay motivated.

What was your job application process like?

The Tech Career Fair was an excellent project; it helped students network, and it landed me a job with one of the [participating] companies. I stopped by and met with a few of the recruiters. There was a huge rush, so I just left my resume and contact information, and within a week, one of the recruiters called. I went through a round of interviews and was eventually offered me a position. I do iPhone and Android application testing, and work in smartphone application development. After completing courses at UCSC Extension, I definitely think that I am up-to-date with this technology. I’m really excited to work in this field.

Prajakta Badhe completed the certificate in Software Engineering and Quality in spring 2014. She currently works as a QA engineer at a Bay Area startup.

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