Experienced Executive Assistant Develops Empowering Skills in AEA Program


- Jennifer Cass, Administrative and Executive Assistant Alumna

Term : April, 2014
Department : Business and Management
Program : Administrative & Exec Asst

Jennifer Cass had been working as an executive assistant at Sling Media in the Bay Area for a few years when she first learned about UCSC Extension’s unique Administrative and Executive Assistant certificate program. She leapt at the opportunity to build critical job skills and expand her impact as an executive partner at her company.

What was your experience like at UCSC Extension?

The top executive assistants in Silicon Valley created this program—it has a great reputation. My first course was the elective “Organizational Development and Change,” and immediately I  could see that there was real, quality substance and great material here. The instructor was brilliant.

What did you learn?

When I took “Project Management for Executive and Administrative Assistants,” I realized that I was already doing so many things in my job for which I didn’t have the lingo. The class gave me a way to qualify all the work I did; it shifted my thinking so that the next time I go to an interview, I’ll be thinking of the skills I have and what I can offer. What I once looked at as my job, I now see as a career.

What were your instructors like?

The instructors are top executive assistants, and they have full lives themselves, as mothers, grandmothers and professionals. They are very passionate about what they teach, and put so much work into it. I believed I could rise up and meet their expectations.

What advice do you have for executive and administrative assistants?

My advice would be to get educated and be empowered. Be able to speak about your own goals. Be confident and knowledgeable about the skills you offer and be able to speak about them.

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