Environmental Engineer Lands EHS Job After Completing Program


- Susan Edwards

Term : October, 2014
Department : EHS
Program : Environmental S&H MGT

An environmental engineer with fifteen years of experience under her belt, Susan Edwards enrolled in UCSC Extension’s Environmental Health and Safety program in early 2014 in order to update her skills after a 14-year hiatus. Her areas of expertise included hazardous waste site investigation and remediation, air and waste water permitting, and yet she sensed that there was more to learn. She was pleased to find that Extension’s program offered a hands-on, detailed approach to the latest regulations.

“I’ve been really pleased at the quality of the classes, and the quality of the instructors,” she says. “They do a really good job of giving you the resources that you’ll need on the job. The program gives you what you need to set up an EHS program and maintain it. It’s a really great way to feel confident that you’re addressing all the aspects that need to be addressed.”

Edwards explained that one of the challenges that EHS professionals face is the sheer volume of regulations.

“You can’t possibly learn everything about every regulation,” she says. “There’s not time for the instructors to go over all of it, and you couldn’t retain all of it, either. Instead they offer resources that you can refer back to when issues come up at work.”

Since starting courses at Extension, Edwards has landed a new job as an environmental health and safety consultant. She is excited to implement some of her new knowledge on the job.

“This program was instrumental in helping me get a job,” she says. “Taking courses shows initiative. It’s also a good way to network.”

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