Doctor Learns the Latest in Clinical Trials at UCSC Extension


- Ramesh Aacharya, Clinical Trials Design and Management Alumnus

Term : May, 2014
Department : Biosciences
Program : Clinical Trials

Ramesh Aacharya came to California with an established career in medicine and biomedical ethics. Originally from Nepal, he shifted his attention to clinical trials upon arrival in California, where he discovered UCSC Extension’s Clinical Trials Design and Management Certificate program.

What attracted you to UCSC Extension’s Clinical Trials program?

In addition to my work as a doctor, I had an additional degree in biomedical ethics, and had worked in clinical research for IRBs for several years. While I was acquainted with clinical trials, after coming to California I realized that I had no idea about the American perspective on clinical research. My experience was in Nepal, where the scenario, perspective and type of research I did was quite different.

What did you think of the clinical trials courses?

All the courses in this program offer a very good foundation. All of them had some kind of relation with the FDA regulations and guidelines, which is important. I was really interested in the “Adverse Event and Medication Coding: An Introduction to MedDRA® and WHO-Drug” course—it was interesting to see global trends to harmonize terminology. The basic philosophy of clinical trials is the same around the world: it is for the protection of human subjects who are participating in research. But in the United States there are so many clinical trials on drugs, devices and diagnostics and very detailed regulations, so it was quite interesting to learn every step of the guidelines and regulations.     

What stood out to you about the program?

UCSC Extension instructors are mobilized from industry. They are experienced professionals, and I liked all of them. The required courses are the foundation of this program. The university provides a real network for students from diverse backgrounds.

What did you think about the 2014 Tech Career Fair?

After attending, I was called by one of the recruiters. It was a good opportunity.

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