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"Satellites are a free form of data available to anyone who wants to analyze the images and take steps to address the climate challenges we are facing today."

Shalini Ananda, Ph.D., Machine Learning Engineer

SHALINI ANANDA, Ph.D., a sought-after educator and pioneering engineer with more than a decade of experience in the field, specializes in generative AI particularly as it applies to the fields of sustainability and healthcare. She teaches AI courses at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension and engineering courses at UC San Diego Extension. She's also the founder of Anandamide Sound Machine, where she creates algorithmic music using advanced AI techniques and works as a prompt design expert at Scale AI working with large language models to enhance model performance in code generation for C++ and Python. Previous roles include working as a machine learning specialist at EdCast, where she built models for upskilling and knowledge tracing. She was also the co-founding CTO of CRIXlabs, Inc. (DBA Quantified Skin) which advanced mobile skin diagnosis and applied deep learning to personalized care. While at Stanford University for a postdoctoral position, she co-invented NanoSim for biosensing and, as a graduate researcher at UC San Diego, she addressed opioid relapse with ML techniques. She has served as assistant chair of the AI program at UCSC Extension since 2023.

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AI Strategies, Productivity and Practices Artificial Intelligence