Saturday Phone Service Interruption

There will be a brief pause in our phone service beginning at noon on Saturday, May 15 through May 16. For course emergencies, you may reach us at


Mark I Montrose

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MARK MONTROSE, M.S., is principle consultant of Montrose Compliance Services, Inc., USA, with 40 years’ experience in applied EMC design, analysis, testing, and troubleshooting of printed circuit boards and system. He was a long-time member of the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors and is personally assessed to ISO 17025:2017 as an EMC test laboratory for in situ testing of industrial products. Montrose authored five engineering textbooks and numerous technical papers and has been teaching for UCSC Extension since 2008. His latest textbook, "EMC Made Simple-Printed Circuit Board and System Design" has become a popular world-wide reference for engineers and is translated into Japanese and Korean.