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Cecil Lawson

Cecil Lawson LinkedIn

CECIL LAWSON, MBA, is an information technology manager with the City of Campbell with six years’ experience as chief information officer, five years’ experience managing the IT hardware and network infrastructure teams, and five years’ experience managing the enterprise applications teams. He participated in two startups and has advised more than 30 others, guiding some of them through IPOs., guiding some of them through IPOs. Lawson served as an advisor to the White House Office of Science and Technology for several years where he worked on technology programs to bridge the digital divide. A software engineer by training, he has been an educator for almost 20 years, specializing in teaching emerging technologies such as IoT, data science, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurship. Lawson has received several professional commendations including the Siemens Corporation Technical Visionary Award; the White House Office of Science and Technology; Directors Award; Pride of the City of San Jose 2005, and 2013; and Times Media Corporation Community Beacon Award. Currently he serves as a senior technology advisor for Microfactoring Institute in Palo Alto.