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"Knowledge of the Linux system allows a user to customize and optimize it for their applications. Linux offers standard tools such as shell scripting that can be used in user and administrative work."

Ajay Mittal, MS, Senior Software Engineer and Linux Program Chair

AJAY MITTAL, M.S. is a senior software engineer with the State California Insurance Fund with more than 25 years of software experience in Silicon Valley companies. He has worked as an engineer at Samsung Research America where he worked on the HeartWise application, a technology for Kaiser Permanente heart patients that links real-time physiological data with smart devices and health workers. Previous employers include Oracle, Kaiser Permanente, State of California, On24, WebMethods, and MediaLinq. Mittal earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering, is familiar with numerous programming languages and operating systems, and holds AWS certifications in cloud computing. He formerly served as co-chair of the Linux Programming and Administration Certificate.

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Computer Programming Linux Programming and Administration User Experience and Web Design

What students are saying

"I have been using C++ for years, but still learned valuable new things from C++ Programming. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning C++. Instructor Mittal had a great personality and a sense of humor."
— Tom T. Hua Embedded Systems Engineer
Instructor: Ajay K Mittal