Start Date :

6/30/2018 - 01.00 PM

   End Date :

6/30/2018 - 03.00 PM

   Location :

Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA 94043

   Instructors :

Abe Chen & others

   Cost :


The Road to Security by Design

UCSC Extension Information Security instructor Abe Chen, of Byton is one of the keynote speakers at this upcoming Saturday afternoon LinkedIn Technical Career Talk. He'll be joining experts from three other companies to share insights in the world of AI, Big Data, smart mobility, and autonomous vehicles, focusing primarily on what it means to do "security by design." Really what needs to happen, he says, is for security professionals to join the engineering and product development team early on in the process.

This event is aimed at connecting leading companies and career opportunities in China and worldwide with talents overseas. 

Participant companies include:
● Goldwind (金风科技): locates within top 3 in the wind turbine industry worldwide. Now with more than 30% gross margin percentage and fast growing in recent years, Goldwind continues its digital transformation to provide more efficient Renewable Energy Solutions to customer. They are now eager to meet more digital talents globally!
● BYTON (拜腾汽车): a start-up company with a global reach that is building full electric cars from the ground up. BYTON aims to become a global pioneer in the coming era of connected mobility by designing cars as fully connected smart devices on wheels.
● Ford Motor (福特汽车亚太): designs, manufactures, markets and services a full line of Ford cars, trucks, SUVs, electrified vehicles and Lincoln luxury vehicles to our customers. As Ford builds towards its future of smart vehicles for a smart world, the company is striving to make life simpler for its customers through cutting-edge technology. We are very excited to see this vision come to life in China.
● Didi (滴滴出行): the world’s leading mobile transportation platform. The company offers a full range of mobile tech-based mobility options for over 450 million users. With its daily orders reaching up to 25 million, over 21 million drivers and car owners are generating income on DiDi platform. DiDi acquired Uber China in August 2016.


Additional Info :

Abe Chen's Information Security Essentials starts June 20.