Start Date :

8/25/2018 - 09.00 AM

   End Date :

8/25/2018 - 04.00 PM

   Location :

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension, 3175 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara

   Instructors :

Hien C. Luu

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The latest on AI, Machine Learning and the Deep Learning Landscape

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution generates a lot of interest and opportunity in the academic and business worlds due to its anticipated impact on the economy. One well-known AI researcher described it as “the new electricity” because it will transform our lives and every industry. AI is already pervasive in our environment. For example, we ask Siri to get directions to the nearest charging station or we order products through Amazon Echo. The next set of advanced AI applications will include self-driving cars, medical image analysis and diagnosis, cyber-intelligence, and more. Leading companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM are announcing that AI will be a central component in all of their products. Upon completion of this course, students will understand the concepts and technologies that comprise Artificial Intelligence, the current applications of AI, and the direction in which the field is heading. Topics Include:

  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
  • The current state of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning: an advancement in AI
  • The development and deployment processes of AI applications
  • The technologies behind Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  • Closing the talent Gap
  • Future directions in AI