Network Engineering and Systems Security Course Schedule

NOTE: This program is being replaced by the new Information Technology program.

 This chart outlines the program curriculum and annual schedule. Click here to read course details and enroll.
14-unit minimum ■ = classroom O = online ▲ = hybrid
= both online and classroom sections available
Core Courses Units Course Fall Winter Spring Summer
Networking Engineering Fundamentals            
Computer Networking Essentials 3.0 2458
TCP/IP Essentials 2.0 0661 O O
Switching and Routing 3.0 2226    
Wireless Communications, Introduction 3.0 5455    
Computer, Network and Internet Security Fundamentals 3.0 4100    
System Virtualization Fundamentals 2.0 30032    
Advanced Networks and System Design            
Storage Technology in Data Centers 3.0 30029
Optical Networks Essentials 3.0 3943
Smart Grid, Introduction 1.0 22867    
Designing Networks and Systems for High Availability 3.0 4577    
IO Concepts and Protocols: PCI Express, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel 3.0 22177
Comprehensive Signal and Power Integrity for High-Speed Digital Systems 3.0 22874    
Wireless Technologies for Embedded Systems: Bluetooth, WiFi and ZigBee 3.0 23093  
USB Device Interface: Architecture, Protocols and Programming 3.0 2179    
Cloud Computing, Introduction 0.5 22413    
Cloud Computing, Comprehensive 2.5 30041    
VMware vSphere: Configuration and Management 3.5 30027 O O O O
System and Network Security            
Intrusion Detection 3.0 2265    
Cryptography and Network Security 2.0 19950    
Information Security: Defending the Business 1.5 22624    
Java Security 1.5 30037  


Free Events Units Course Fall Winter Spring Summer
Open House Event for Embedded Systems, VLSI, and Network Engineering   22403    
Embedded Systems, VLSI, and Network Engineering Program Overview   20544  

Note: Individual courses may be taken without enrolling in the full certificate. Course schedule is subject to change, but reflects the current quarter and the anticipated schedule for the next three quarters. Check individual course descriptions for the latest scheduling information.