Occupational Safety and Health Management Course Schedule

This chart outlines the program curriculum and annual schedule. Click here to read course details and enroll.
 22-units ■ = classroom   O = online   ▲ = hybrid
= both online and classroom sections available
Required Courses Units Course Fall Winter Spring Summer
Business Dynamics of Safety and Health Management 3.0 1660      
Dimensions of Safety and Health Training 3.0 0419      
Industrial Hygiene and Health 4.0 4678 ■       
Safety Management, Introduction 3.0 2083      
Safety and Health Program Development and Implementation 3.0 1424      


Elective Courses (6 units) Units Course Fall Winter Spring Summer
*40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Training (Federal OSHA, 29 CFR 1910.120 Training) 4 CEU 6457 ■ 
Applied Ergonomics: Human Factors of Safety and Health 3.0 2223      
Biosafety 1.5 4189      
Climate Change and AB 32: What it Means for You 0.5 20758      
Environmental Fate of Pollutants 3.0 5475 O O O O
Hazardous Materials Management, Principles 3.0 3020      
ISO 14001 and Environmental Management Systems: Introduction 1.5 5870    
Occupational Health and Safety Annual Regulatory Update 0.5 3809    
Regulatory Framework for Toxic and Hazardous Materials 3.0 3314      
Toxics Laws Legislative and Regulation Update 0.5 0486    
Toxicology, Principles 3.0 6330 O O O O
Waste Stream Management 3.0 5633      
* = This 4 Unit CEU, if taken at UCSC Extension, may be used in lieu of 3 Elective units toward the HM, OSHM & ES&H certificate requirements.

Note: Individual courses may be taken without enrolling in the full certificate. Course schedule is subject to change, but reflects the current quarter and the anticipated schedule for the next three quarters. Check individual course descriptions for the latest scheduling information.