Embedded Systems Course Schedule

 This chart outlines the program curriculum and annual schedule. Click here to read course details and enroll.
14-unit minimum
* = Choose ONE of these four Core courses
■ = classroom O = online ▲ = hybrid
= both online and classroom sections available
Courses Units Course Fall Winter Spring Summer
System Design            
Embedded System Hardware Architectures, Introduction* 1.5 21319    
IO Concepts and Protocols: PCI Express, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel 3.0 22177    
IO Design Fundamentals 3.0 30170    
Printed Circuit Board Design for Signal Integrity and EMC Compliance 1.5 21943    
Jitter Essentials 1.5 21321    
Comprehensive Signal and Power Integrity for High-Speed Digital Systems 3.0 22874  
Design Overview of High Efficiency Switch-mode Power Supply 3.0 23590    
System Design for Low Power Management 1.0 30237  
Designing Xilinx CPLDs and FPGAs, Introduction 3.0 6346  
Designing with Xilinx FPGAs, Comprehensive 3.0 22179  
Digital Design with FPGA 3.0 30207    
SystemVerilog for ASIC and FPGA Design 3.0 20095  
Embedded Linux            
Embedded Linux Design and Programming* 3.0 3364  
Linux Device Drivers 3.0 2470
Linux Device Drivers, Advanced 3.0 1016
Real-Time Systems            
Real-Time Embedded Systems Programming, Introduction 3.0 5381    
Embedded Systems I/O Programming: Sensors, Actuators, and I/O Interfaces 3.0 30028    
Embedded Software            
Embedded Firmware Essentials* 2.0 4357    
Embedded Boot Loaders: BIOS and UEFI 3.0 23092 O
The Internet of Things: Rapid Prototyping of Embedded Wireless Devices 3.0 23093  
USB Device Programming 3.0 2179    
Software Testing: Techniques, Tools, and Practices 3.0 20501    
Developing Applications for iPhone and iPad, Introduction 1.5 21938
Developing Applications for Android Mobile Devices 1.5 21956
C Programming for Beginners 3.0 5208
DSP, DV, and HCI Technologies            
Digital Signal Processing, Fundamentals* 2.0 5758      
DSP Applications in Audio, Imaging, and Communications Systems 3.0 0516      
Mobile Sensing and Human Interface Technologies 3.0 30242  
Emerging Technologies            
3D Printing 1.5 30276    


Also of Interest Units Course Fall Winter Spring Summer
TCP/IP Essentials 2.0 0661 O O
Digital Logic Design Using Verilog 3.0 0764    
Design Simulation with Verilog and SystemVerilog 3.0 6932
C Programming, Advanced 3.0 3948
Wireless and Mobile Communications, Introduction 3.0 5455    


Free Events Units Course Fall Winter Spring Summer
Info Session for Embedded Systems and VLSI Engineering Programs   22403

Note: Individual courses may be taken without enrolling in the full certificate. Course schedule is subject to change, but reflects the current quarter and the anticipated schedule for the next three quarters. Check individual course descriptions for the latest scheduling information.