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Education CoursesDevelop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” - Anthony J. D'Angelo.

At UCSC Extension, our Education Department offers a number of professional development certificate programs for educators who wish to strengthen their teaching with innovative concepts and skills.

Our instructors are seasoned practitioners in their field who understand the current economic, political, and social development that affect education. They quickly adapt these changes to deliver a sound and vigorous curriculum that prepare you in your role as an educator.

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UCSC Extension offers programs for educators seeking to meet selected teacher preparation requirements for the SB2042 Preliminary credential. Please confirm with the administrator of your credential program that the course you intend to take is acceptable. View Courses

Education Program Areas

Educational Therapy
Our Educational Therapy program thoroughly prepares educational specialists and tutors to serve students with special needs, emphasizing practical application and experience. Our course work tracks with AET requirements and culminates in an internship. View Courses

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Our TESOL certificate program is recognized worldwide and designed to prepare teachers who have no formal training in ESL. The practical curriculum provides teacher-trainees first-hand experience teaching second-language learners. Our classes are small and friendly. Our faculty consists of working professionals who have field experience teaching English as a second and foreign language here and internationally. View Courses

ECE: Early Childhood Education
This program prepares preschool teachers and operators to manage the unique challenges they face as professionals in the early childhood community.  Students will examine  the teacher-child relationship and learn to identify developmentally appropriate activities to create a quality learning environment for young children. View Courses

ECE: Supervision and Administration
This certificate is designed for individuals working toward completion of Title 22 academic requirements to become directors of private child care centers. It also satisfies Title V academic requirements to become teachers and supervisors for Children's Center Permits. The course is also for students and parents interested in furthering their knowledge of early childhood education and administration. View Courses

Credential Courses
We offer CCTC-approved courses to meet selected teacher preparation requirements for SB 2042 preliminary credentials. View Courses

Instructional Design for Educators and Corporate Trainers
The Instructional Design certificate program focuses on developing your capacity to maximize adult student learning. It is designed for those who recognize that integrating the art and science of teaching into instructional design and delivery does not happen by chance.We will teach you how to organize and deliver learning that caters to adult learner needs and their different learning styles, organizational goals, and the choice of methods to achieve and evaluate outcomes. The principles and practices apply in both traditional and non-traditional settings, such as colleges, universities, corporations, and government institutions. View Courses

Special Offerings

Looking for CPR certification? Want to learn Punjabi? Perhaps a refresher in Classroom Management techniques would serve you well. Extension’s Education Department periodically offers unique courses which go beyond what’s found in our Certificate Programs. To get the details about these enrichment opportunities, view the current offerings.

What Students Say: Education

Danni Pascuma, Early Childhood Education

Danni Pascuma

“I wouldn’t have been prepared to take on this new role had I not taken courses at Extension.”

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