Practical Introduction to Enterprise Agility Using the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe©

Agile frameworks have been popularized because technical product development often cannot succeed simply by executing to specs and to plans. Many companies produce large complex products, or a portfolio of products with interdependent components and decisions. Business value must be delivered to users that is validated. In recent years, SAFe© has emerged as the framework of choice in Silicon Valley for scaling Agile to maintain and maximize value and avoid confusion and frustration.

In this practical introductory course, students learn that everyone has a clear and necessary role to deliver value in the SAFe© system. They learn why SAFe© makes this so. Program managers, technical leads, and team leads learn to focus on the big picture that is beyond just what their teams are working on at the time. With this essential foundation, students can go on to further studies of SAFe©.

Suggested Prerequisites :

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PPMT.X400 Role of the Project Manager

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