Medical Writing

All biopharmaceutical companies must produce scientific reports and summary documents for regulatory agencies. Good documentation should be not only scientifically sound, but also clear, effective and concise. This course provides the practical skills needed to write effective documents for the healthcare industry. You'll gain practice through hands-on exercises and group projects based on documentation used in pharmaceutical development.


No prerequisites

Sections :

Section Start Date Time Location Cost Instructor Name Full Schedule Enroll
CTDM.X413.(2) 6/15/2018 06:00 PM SANTA CLARA 750 David A West View Enroll

Clinical Project Management

This course addresses critical elements in the effective planning and management of clinical trials. Exercises and case studies illustrate how to develop and manage activities, timelines and budgets; examine staffing and resource requirements; and lead and motivate effective teams. Strategic development plans, team and site performance problems, and post-marketing studies are also discussed.


Offering code Offering title
REGL.X400 Good Manufacturing Practices
BTEC.X401 Drug Development Process
CTDM.X411 Good Clinical Practices

Clinical Data Management

High-quality clinical data are at the heart of a successful clinical trial. If the data are not complete or do not reflect the actual reported results, the analysis and the conclusions drawn from that analysis may not be reliable. This course provides clinical trial personnel a solid understanding of the steps involved in clinical data management from study site data collection through data extraction for analysis.


No prerequisites

Clinical Research: The Study Site Perspective

The conduct of clinical research requires effective working relationships between the study sites that execute clinical trials and the sponsors that design the trials and provide product for testing. This course offers practical insight into the clinical research process from the viewpoint of the study site. Lectures and class exercises explore the roles, responsibilities, interactions, and concerns of study site personnel and highlight important differences in perspective between clinical study sites and industry sponsors.


Offering code Offering title
CTDM.X411 Good Clinical Practices

Bioscience Program Information and Q&A Session

This free evening event is an informal discussion geared towards new or returning students interested in one or more of the Bioscience certificate programs -- Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Clinical Trials Design and Management, Regulatory Affairs, and Medical Devices. The event begins with a short overview of the five Bioscience certificates, followed by an open-floor segment for audience questions.


No prerequisites

Clinical Trials, Regulatory Affairs, and Medical Device Information Session

Are you interested in learning about the Clinical Trials, Regulatory Affairs, and Medical Device certificate programs, and about careers in these fields?
This special information session provides an opportunity to meet instructors and other students, learn about program prerequisites, program philosophy, course content and program requirements, and gain insights into careers in clinical research, regulatory affairs, and medical devices.


No prerequisites

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Section Start Date Time Location Cost Instructor Name Full Schedule Enroll
16650.(026) 1/9/2018 06:30 PM SANTA CLARA 0 View Enroll

Clinical Trials Design and Management Certificate Completion Review

Once all of the certificate requirements have been met and your final grades are posted, please access your Student Portal to enroll in the “Certificate Completion Review” to begin the review process. Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your certificate.


No prerequisites

Sections :

Section Start Date Time Location Cost Instructor Name Full Schedule Enroll
O-CE0113.(008) // 04:00 PM 75 View Enroll
Clinical Trials Design and Management



Lead the Way in Clinical Trials

Q: When new drugs are introduced, how do companies test for quality and safety?

A: Well-planned and well-executed clinical trials are the cornerstone of effective biomedical product development and are critical to ensuring the protection of human volunteers. Our Clinical Trials Design and Management certificate will help clinical professionals navigate the entire clinical trials process, from drug and device development to monitoring and post-marketing activities. You’ll also learn the scientific principles, regulations and ethics that are critical to the conduct of clinical research.

Pick up skills course by course or declare candidacy for the certificate to add a UC credential to your resume.

Earn Professional Credit

Many of our courses qualify for recertification Continuing Education Units for certified Clinical Research Associates and Clinical Research Associates affiliated with the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. Nurses can also earn BRN credit for some courses.

Intensive Approach

New to the field? Check out our weeklong “Clinical Trials Essentials” course to get a comprehensive overview of the industry in just a few days.

Earn Two Certificates For Less

Complete two Bioscience certificates, simultaneously or in sequence, with fewer units, by selecting shared electives. Contact us to get help creating a personalized study plan.


“Thanks to UCSC Silicon Valley Extension, I had the foundation to start my career once again.” –Archita Sharma

The Profession

A Competitive and Evolving Industry

In order to launch and maintain an effective clinical trial, companies must rely on a diverse and qualified team of research associates, site coordinators and monitors, and sales and marketing personnel. Medical professionals with a background in clinical trials can apply their skills to various careers, including:

  • As clinical research coordinators (CRC) or clinical research associates (CRA)
  • As clinical program managers and physicians
  • Institutional Review Board members and administrators
  • Pharmacists
  • Biomedical and research scientists
  • Data managers


Average Earnings

According to data from job postings on Glassdoor in October 2016, the national average for clinical research associate salaries was $57,540—and the average in Silicon Valley hit $74,623. –Glassdoor

Market Relevance

In 2016 the market size for biotech is reported at $311 billion; for pharma, $1.11 trillion; and for medical tech, $369 billion.  –Deloitte, 2016 Global Life Sciences Outlook

Job Prospects

Employment of medical scientists was projected to grow 8% annually from 2014 to 2024. This demand reflects a need for scientists who can contribute to the development of treatments and medicines that improve health. –Occupational Outlook Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Biotech Bay™ Hotbed community highlights the organizations that comprise the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries in San Francisco and Northern California along with job listing and career resources.


“When I started my career in the USA, the classes completed the whole puzzle for me, combining my medical knowledge and PhD experience with operational and regulatory side of conducting clinical trials in pharmaceutical industry.” –Alexandra Steinberg


Program Objectives

As a graduate of the Clinical Trials Design and Management certificate program, you’ll have the skills to:

  • Understand and apply Good Clinical Practices (GCP)
  • Distinguish regulatory requirements and differentiate between regulations, guidelines, policies and standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Identify the roles, responsibilities, interactions and concerns of study site personnel
  • Use coding dictionaries such as MedDRA® and WHO-Drug for adverse event reporting
  • Prepare clinical trial reports, summaries and other documentation
  • Understand clinical trials designs, management, and approval objectives for drug and device development.
  • For successful interactions with clinical sites, investigators, regulators, contract research organizations, and sponsor management. 
  • Understand the use of statistics in designing clinical trials and analysis of results.


"The instructors have immense experience working in the industry; the practical knowledge that they impart to the students is very precious." –Navneet Kaur


At UCSC Extension, courses are developed by program chairs and faculty according to the rigorous University of California standards and designed to meet the economic needs of each industry. Our instructors represent the best of both worlds.

Program Chair

MICHAEL HUSTON, M.B.A., B.S., principal of Huston Associates, LLC, has more than 30 years of experience in development, from basic research to strategic drug development. He has directed project teams through lead identification, IND-enabling and nonclinical pharmacology studies, Phase 1-3 clinical studies, and several new drug applications (NDA), abbreviated new drug applications (ANDA) and biologic license applications (BLA), and product launches.  He currently consults for interdisciplinary programs in drug development. Mr. Huston has taught for UCSC Extension since 1999.


Program Format

UCSC Extension’s Clinical Trials Design and Management courses are offered at UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus, a beautiful facility located on the corner of Scott and Bowers in Santa Clara. Many of our courses are available online. Choose courses according to your interest or declare candidacy in the certificate for a more comprehensive overview of the field.

Clinical Trials Courses

Total: 19 units

Required: 6 courses

Electives: 5 units required

To complete the certificate, you must complete a minimum of 19 units; 6 required courses and at least 5 units of elective courses.


  • Medical/Clinical Terminology, 0.7 CEUs
  • Human Physiology in Health and Disease, 3 units

Required Courses:

  • Drug Development Process, 3 units
  • Medical Devices: Regulatory Strategies and Marketing Pathways, 1.5 units; or  Regulation of Medical Devices and Diagnostics, 3 units
  • Good Clinical Practices, 3 units
  • Clinical Trials Site Monitoring I, 2 units
  • Science of Clinical Trials Design, 2.5 units
  • Clinical Statistics for Non-Statisticians, 2 units


5 units required

  • Clinical Data Management, 2 units
  • Clinical Project Management, 2 units
  • Clinical Research: The Study Site Perspective, 1.5 units
  • Contracting with Contract Research Organizations (CROs), 1.5 units
  • Data Privacy and Security for Healthcare and Biosciences, 1.5 units
  • Document Preparation: Protocols, Reports, Summaries, 1.5 units
  • Drug Safety and Adverse Events Reporting, 1.5 units
  • Electronic Data Capture for Clinical Trials, 1 unit
  • Good Manufacturing Practices, 3 units
  • Medical Writing, 2 units
  • Preparing for FDA Inspections and Conducting Sponsor Audits, 1.5 units

Also of Interest

  • Biology of Cancer, 2 units
  • Clinical Trials Essentials: An Intensive One-Week Course, 3.5 CEUs
  • Viruses, Vaccines and Gene Therapy, 1.5 units


Familiarity with medical terminology is required. You can satisfy this requirement by taking "Medical/Clinical Terminology," an equivalent course, or substituting relevant work experience. We strongly recommend that students without a medical background take "Human Physiology in Health and Disease" early in their studies.

Recommended Course Sequence

After completing the prerequisites, we recommend that you begin the program with "Drug Development Process." From that point on, courses may be taken in any sequence unless otherwise specified.


Want to learn more about our curriculum in person? Join us for a free Info Session to learn more about our courses, faculty, and program requirements. Learn more on our Events page.


The rough cost of the Clinical Trials Design and Management certificate is estimated at $8000.



No application is required to enroll in our courses or certificate programs. Information about our open enrollment process can be found on our Enrollment page. If you have any questions about our programs, please contact the UCSC Extension Outreach office by phone at 408-861-3860, or by email at

From the schedule below, click on a course title to see sections available for enrollment. You may view the full course schedule, or enroll in the course, by clicking the respective button. The course type offerings (classroom, online, blended) are guidelines and subject to change. A blended (hybrid) course has both classroom and online components.

Declaring Candidacy

If you intend to pursue a certificate, declaring candidacy establishes program requirements early in your studies, so any subsequent curriculum changes do not affect your progress. It does not limit what courses you can take; and it helps you structure your professional development program for maximum benefit to you. Go the declare candidacy page to establish your requirements for this program. Certificate program requirements must be completed within three years of declaring candidacy.

Course Schedule

1. Prerequisite Course
classroom : Classroom
online : Online
hybrid : Blended
Offering Code Offering Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
CTDM.X800 Medical / Clinical Terminology 0.7 CEU Classroom Classroom
2. Recommended Prerequisite Course
classroom : Classroom
online : Online
hybrid : Blended
Offering Code Offering Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
BTEC.X408 Human Physiology in Health and Disease 3.0 Classroom Classroom
3. Required Courses. Choose one Device Course.
classroom : Classroom
online : Online
hybrid : Blended
4. Elective Courses
5. Also of Interest
classroom : Classroom
online : Online
hybrid : Blended
Offering Code Offering Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
BTEC.X402 Biology of Cancer 2.0 Classroom
BTEC.X413 Viruses, Vaccines and Gene Therapy 1.5 Classroom
CTDM.X801 Clinical Trials Essentials: An Intensive One-Week Course 3.5 Classroom
6. Required Certificate Review
classroom : Classroom
online : Online
hybrid : Blended
Offering Code Offering Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
O-CE0113 Clinical Trials Design and Management Certificate Completion Review