As a UCSC Extension employee, both federal and state taxes are deducted from pay. Social Security is not paid; instead equal contributions are deposited into a University Defined Contribution Plan (DCP). A mandatory deduction of 7.5 percent is withheld and can be withdrawn when you separate from the University.

We will issue an online W-2 form, listing all earnings and deductions, by January 31st of each year if gross earning is greater than $1,500.00.

NOTE: Taxed year is from December to November. If you taught in December and received payment in January, those earnings will be issued on the year paid.

The Academic Personnel Officer at UCSC Extension will make arrangements with you to complete the required payroll documents, including an Oath of Allegiance, Patent Agreement, and various forms required by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), including the I-9 Employment Eligibility form. UCSC Extension will provide these forms to you.