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3/19/2018 - 06.30 PM

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3/19/2018 - 08.00 PM

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UCSC Extension - Santa Clara

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Talent • Retention • Comp • Innovation • Leadership

Now is the best time ever to be in HR. As the rest of the world embraces Silicon Valley-style HR, workplaces trends include more efficiencies, a better employee experience, and a way to shape an organization that really makes a difference in the world. Learn from the people who are making these changes in the workplace.


• NANCY NELSON, B.A., SPHR-CA®, GPHR®, UCSC Extension HR Management program chair and principal of HRProse, LLC—Courses: "Human Resource Management, Introduction;" and "Building your HR Career From the Inside Out"
• Tara Martin-Milius, B.A., M.S.O.D., a global consultant and trainer, will be teaching "Organizational Development and Change, Introduction" in the spring.
• Leon Bezdikian, B.A., an HR director with more than 30 years' experience in the high-tech industry, will be teaching "Managing the Staffing Function" in the spring.
• Pat Richards, a NOVA Job Center business liaison with almost 30 years' business and workforce experience
• 2 HR alumni will be available as well.

Join Nancy, Tara, Leon, Pat, and our alumni in a discussion about the trends and options available for entering Human Resources from a variety of other professions. They will be focussing on the expanded HR role and how technology such as AI is changing the industry.

"Technology is a huge part of today's HR, but that's not the whole story. What used to be called 'soft skills' are critical to the future of work. HR pros need to be organizational architects. Our program helps you be competitive now and in the future."

—Nancy Nelson, HRM program chair

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