Start Date :

5/21/2018 - 06.00 PM

   End Date :

5/21/2018 - 08.30 PM

   Location :

UC Santa Cruz - Silicon Valley Campus, 3175 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara

   Instructors :

Katharyne Mitchell, Chris Benner, Carlos Dobkin, Rebecca London

   Cost :


The Division of Social Sciences and the Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation will hold its first interdisciplinary Research Frontiers Silicon Valley on Monday, May 21, bringing together faculty, students, and community members to present and learn about how social sciences research is engaging key issues of the 21st century.  

These Social Sciences "Ed Talks" will have food, wine, and great ideas for attendees. This year's event will engage research focused on education, employment, and healthcare.

This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required. We're looking forward to seeing you! Questions? Contact Ashlee Tews at

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A Vision for the Future

Katharyne Mitchell, Dean of Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology 

Mitchell's research is wide-reaching, covering transnational migration, refugees and asylum policy, immigrant integration, citizenship, and education. She received her Ph.D. in Geography from UC Berkeley.

Securing Livelihoods: Technology, Inequality and the Future of Work and Employment

Chris Benner,  Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology

The U.S. is experiencing unprecedented economic, social and ideological stratification linked in part to rapid technological change, economic restructuring, and the growth of "narrowcast" media. All of this contributes to a fragmentation of the very knowledge base of society.

The Effect of a Major Medical Event on Financial Well-being

Carlos Dobkin, Professor of Economics

How does an illness or injury severe enough to require hospitalization affect one's financial health?

Policy makers tend to focus on the high price of hospital care, but a major new study reveals that a trip to the hospital can mean a permanent reduction in income for many patients.

Using Data to Reduce Disparities in Public Education 

Rebecca London, Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Children's performance in the classroom is affected by a lot more than what happens at school, but educators are hampered by what they don't know. This three-county data-sharing initiative will link 66 school districts with health and human service agencies to give professionals real-time information about students and the services they are receiving.